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"NOW!" Dempsey screamed at the top of his lungs as he held down the trigger on his M16, Nikola's FN-FAL matching the pace of the fully-automatic assault rife. Together, they sent a lead storm through the breach. Even Richtofen participated to some extent, putting the twelve round clip of his Luger into the hail of bullets, one hand still typing away at the terminal. Soon the room was filled with the delicate metal tinkling of empty shell casings hitting the floor, and the hollow clack of a gun with an exhausted magazine.

"I…" Dempsey began the adrenaline tapering off from his system, "I think we got her." He said, lowering his M16. Nikolai shook his head, "No," he said, loading a fresh clip into his FN FAL, "Is never that easy to get rid of woman." He motioned to the hole in the wall. He and Dempsey took places on each side of it. They exchanged a single nod before both turning through the door, sweeping the adjacent room with their weapons It seemed just as it had before-except for the wall parallel to the door breach, that of course shot to shit. No blood, no spatter, no bodies. "Shit. How could she…" Dempsey began before noticing something out of place on the floor: a piece of metal grill. "Is that…" A quick glance upwards confirmed his fears.

"Shit! Nick! Fall back! She's in the vents!" Dempsey ordered his comrade. They went back to back, turning, each covering the other's six as they made their way to the door. "Dempshey! Nikolai! Shcnell! Shcnell! It is ready! Los Los Los!!!" Richtofen shouted as they came through the door. "'Bout damn time, Doc!" Dempsey shouted back, relived to get out of the moon base "Da! Make it quick! I think she is-" With a laud clang, a piece of grating fell form the ceiling to the floor smack in between the three soldiers and escape, followed closely by Samantha.

"Was." She stated simply. Nikolai nodded, "Da, thanks. She was in vents. Proper grammar is important, yes?" Nikolai finished. Dempsey stepped up in front of the drunk, "Look, Sam, I like you and I have a thing against killing kids," He brought his M16 to bear on the girl, "But nothing, come hell or high water, is keeping me from getting out of here." He readied the underbarrel M203, "How's this gonna go down?" he asked simply. Samantha just giggled that disturbingly childish giggle, "Silly Mr. Dempsey! No one's leaving me. Never, ever again." She said as she got into a sort of half crouched fighting stance, a cat ready to spring. Dempsey just smirked, "This is why I liked you." He slung his M16 across his back and drew his knife. Samantha cocked an eyebrow "Just leveling the playing field. I know what it's like to play a rigged game." He shot a 'that-means-you' glance to Richtofen.

"All right, Come get some, gutbag!" Dempsey bellowed and charged the girl. With what only could be described as a demonic hiss she charged at him, claws out. The second before they impacted each other Sam jumped and Dempsey slid, both making use of the slightly reduced gravity of the station. Dempsey  thrust his knife upward, trying to take her out with a quick stab to the heart. As he rolled to a stop, he saw that his blade was now merely a stump of metal. Samantha's strike was more successful, not against Tank, but Nikolai. She'd raked all five claws on one hand across his left thigh, shredding muscle down to bone. She then picked him up by his shoulders and slammed him against a computer terminal, shattering its screen and keyboard and putting a good dent in the front panel. She held him there, a twisted smile on her face, "Vhat's ze matter, Nikki?" She asked the now very pissed off drunk. He fucking HATED that nickname. "Are you SCARED?!?!" She screamed at the now even more pissed Russian. If there was one thing he hated more than that name, it was being talked down to by a woman.

"No," he said, catching his breath, "It's just that you've got something IN YOUR TEETH!" With that, he shoved a live Semtex grenade into her mouth and pushed her off him, cutting several more gashes into his shoulders. The grenade detonated, sending Sam into yet another bank of computers. Dempsey rushed over to help his downed comrade up, taking his weight. "You should have left me to the maggots." Nikolai said raggedly. Dempsey would've shrugged if Nikolai's arm wasn't slung over his shoulders, "In the Marines, we never leave a man behind." Nikolai just nodded, "I owe you drink when we're out of here." He slurred before sipping into unconsciousness. Dempsey dragged his body over to the teleporter, and doctor Richtofen pushed the big red button on his remote Dempsey closed his eyes, waiting for the familiar staitc-electiricty feeling of being teleported.

When he felt none, his eyes snapped open. He was still on the moon, as was Nikolai and Richtofen. He looked over at the Nazi, who was repeatedly tapping the button, a confused look on his face. Dempsey was about to slam the bastard for making a faulty machine when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. "Uh, doc," he said once he got a good look at the movement's source, "Can this thing go any faster?" he asked once he saw Samantha stir even more. Her yellow eyes flew open and she slowly righted herself. "Doc, come on man, we gotta go!" Dempsey ordered, growing more nervous with every step the zombified little girl took toward them. Richtofen kept mashing the button, muttering more German. She was only a few yards away and closing fast. "Doc!" Dempsey shouted one last time. Now he could clearly make out each of Sam's barred teeth. Richtofen finally slammed his palm down on the button as hard as he could, finally feeling the familiar tingling of teleportation, disappearing just as Sam reached the pad. The last thing Edward saw was her burning yellow eyes, filled with haterd, rage and… desperation?

* * * * * * * *

It took Sam only a second to figure out what had happened. They had left her. They'd gotten away. She'd lost. Suddenly, she just couldn't take it anymore. Her fists clenched tightly, her claws easily drawing blood out of her palms. She bit down on her cheek, trying to hold herself together. She was vati's brave little girl, she was above what was trying to come out of her. But biting down on her cheek only succeeded in her taking a chunk out of it. She swallowed it, hoping that it would keep it all down. It failed miserably.

And she no longer cared.

She screamed, she screamed in a way that would give Satan himself nightmares. She let every emotion she had ever felt into it: the grief she felt when her mutti died, the hate she felt towards Edward, the rage about what he'd done to Vati, the loneliness of all the years she'd been locked in the pyramid while Eddy was gallivanting through time, the madness that had filled the loneliness, and the guilt of taking away everything the three others had. After minutes that seemed like hours, her throat was burning, and her scream tapered off, being replaced with heavy, heavy sobs. She fell to her knees and buried her head in her palms, not caring about her own blood being smeared on her face. Soon, the sobs started to lose their potency. Her throat felt torn to pieces, but that pain didn't matter to her. She could feel a greater pain creeping upon her, something a thousand times worse.

"Please," she whispered in between now quiet, pathetic sobs, "don't leave me."

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
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